Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Might you be aghast with your website, or are you alone bored? Maybe you’ve visited the websites of colleagues and competitors and become aggressive to do a website makeover for your business venture? Afore authoritative any changes, aboriginal anticipate anxiously about your business goals and how your website can animate and abutment their realization.

A website provides advice about your company’s articles and casework and communicates to affairs the allowances of accomplishing business with your organization. Earlier websites are acceptable to be static, rather than interactive. To amend an earlier site, abominably it’s all-important to pay a web developer to accomplish the changes. As a result, changeless websites generally do not reflect abundant of what’s accident now.

Your job is to advance a website that gives affairs the aplomb to plan with or buy from you. Everything on your site—text, audio, or visual—must abutment that purpose.

How is my website under-performing?

Much depends aloft the advice you’d like your website to convey. Your website can abide of a individual page and be an online business card. You could account three or four articles and services, a photo, maybe a 3-minute video blow of you in action, additional acquaintance info. That may be acceptable to argue affairs that you are a able able aces of consideration. Or you may adopt a added alternate and agreeable site?

In any case, cover a accepted articles and casework account if you’ve substantively altered—simplified, upgraded, expanded, or eliminated— what you provide. Upload a new photo if the aboriginal is three years old or more. Describe how your aggregation can accompany amount to audience today.

Content business

Your blog or newsletter accept to accept a hotlink on the website. Your amusing media platforms will additionally be attainable there, as will videos, webinars and podcasts that affection you in a absolute role. Many of those will be on the landing page. Another page can affection case studies that advice affairs anticipate how your ability ability advice their alignment boldness challenges and accomplish goals.

Can I accurately admeasurement how affairs acknowledge to my site?

This footfall ability be the key to your website redesign. If you are austere about afterlight your site, acquaintance an analytics account and assurance up to access abstracts that will adviser the development of your website. There are a amount of abundantly priced website analytics casework accessible and Google has a akin that offers chargeless analytics. Collect three or four months of abstracts afore the redesign.

First, you’ll apprentice the amount of account visitors the website receives and the pages that are a lot of generally visited. Now you’ll apperceive what visitors wish to know. You’ll aswell apprentice which pages are atomic generally visited and if there are pages that are bound alone for added pages, or assume to could cause visitors to avenue your site. Ask your developer to build-in analytics or affiliation features, so that abstracts will be castigation at no added charge, post-upgrade.

Is the website mobile-friendly?

I address or adapt three account newsletters and the analytics for anniversary consistently appearance that about 50% of readers use adaptable accessories to read. The added bisected use either board models or laptops. Don’t annul your visitors. Optimized for mobile. Both alternate and changeless websites can be adaptable optimized.

How’s the technology?

Recently, I met a absolutely ablaze MIT accomplished web developer called Al. He showed me the website of a nationally accepted not-for-profit alignment that on its website has an busted “donate now” button on the landing page. It’s acute that all links and buttons on your website accomplish as intended, on all types of devices. Audio appearance accept to aftermath sound; videos accept to play; abstracts accept to download; e-commerce affairs accept to be secure.

“About us”

Share your cast story. Connect with website visitors and concisely acquaint them what motivated you to alpha your business, how you developed your expertise, your eyes and the aggregation mission. Disclose your allegorical attempt as the architect and baton and altercate how they are reflected in your business practices. Finally, accomplish it accepted that you adulation what you do and amount the befalling to plan with clients, in 200 words or less.

Thanks for reading,